Christian Artwork and Street Painting
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*Now accepting Street Painting Commissions for Museums, Parties, Events, Grand Openings, Special Engagements, and Festivals.

*Impress your Patrons and Guests with this incredible Performance Art Form! 

*Put Excitement and Pizazz into your event with an original artwork painted right before your very eyes!
Street Painting is an age old Art form dating back to the Renaissance.  It has recently been resurrected all across the world in various ways.  It is a temporary art form which is commonly washed off of the streets within hours of it's completion.  Innovative ideas have brought street painting indoors to places like Malls, Galleries, and Museums.  Though usually done on pavement or concrete, Paintings can be preserved longer if completed on canvas, boards or other flexible and portable materials and mounted behind glass.  Costs for this process can be excessive, but may be worth the investment if the artwork is original. 
Rates for Street Paintings vary depending on size and the type of surface involved, but costs usually run between $500 and $1500.  Rates do not include travel and accommodation expenses.  For select locations or festivals, rates may be reduced or eliminated when travel and accommodation expenses are paid.  If interested in a price quote please call




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