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Hi. I'm Mark. That's me, but not the real me. Thankfully, "My life is now hidden in Christ with God." If you'd like to see what I really look like, you'll have to wait until Christ appears--then the real me will also appear with Him in glory! It's a given that I will be better looking. My wife can't wait. Diane is her name, and we have been married 24 years. We are both teachers in Lutheran schools in the Denver area. I teach high school Bible and art, and Diane is crazy enough to teach jr. high. We also have some kids of our own. Yes, four of the little ones.  We love them, and thank God for them every day! Reuben is 20, Micah 18, Grace is 16, and Chloe is 10.  I guess they're not so little anymore.

 I enjoy this life, especially my family, and usually my students, but I long to be with my Father. Jesus is my light and my life. He is my salvation, and I will trust in Him and not be ashamed.

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