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These are some of my favorite links. I say that, even though I don't spend any time on the internet. I really think these people and organizations are outstanding in the way they serve the Lord, or do business.
This site has the best book for Christians who are experiencing suffering of any kind. It is short, easy to read, and very Biblical. It's amazing. The book is For the Faint of Heart by Craig Parrott.
If you like street painting, this site has some of my works, and many others. 
Listen to Christian music on the web.
This is my high school. We have excellent academics and extra curiculars, but our main goal is to share Jesus with the students.
This is one of my printers.  Chuck is a great guy who loves the Lord and always has a joke.  He does really quality work with Giclee prints.
This is one of my printers. They do an excellent job.  
These guys were nice enough to let me do some work for them.  Tom Visocchi is great to work with.  This is an excellent family friendly magazine that is very informative about events in Denver.
Marc is a professional photographer and a great one.
Cherish has web hosting that is the most reasonable I have come accross.  She is a sister in Christ and a great person to work with, and I highly recommend her.


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